The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bed Frame for your Slumber Haven

Design: Diva’s Interior Design

The bed frame is a major and hence the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, it is typically the starting point for bedroom decoration. Furthermore, having a good night’s rest starts with a good bed frame since it provides support for the bed mattresses. In some cases, it doubles up as storage too.  Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware that there are as many as 9 different types of bed frames to choose from! So, read on to find out which type of bed frame is the right fit for your lifestyle and personality!


#1. Four poster bed for a dramatic room makeover


Design: Free Space Intent

The 4 poster bed, sometimes known as the canopy bed frame, has been slowly gaining popularity in recent years. Characterised by 4 posts at each corner of the bed frame, its ability to allow fabrics to be draped over the bed frame, makes the room feel more inviting and cozy. Hence, they work best in bedrooms with large vertical spaces and high ceilings. They are also recommended for bedrooms that are bathed in a lot of natural light. In addition, mosquito nets can be used instead of draped fabric to keep out the bugs.


Design: The Roomakers

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Canopy bed frames make use of fabric drapes to create a dramatic impact. As a result, the effort of maintaining the 4 poster bed is higher since dust tends to be trapped on top of the fabric canopy. In addition, the canopy bed tends to be heavier than another bed frame due to its size and construction.

#2. Sleigh bed for a classic style


Design: D’ Initial Concept

The sleigh bed features a high scrolled headboard and lower footboard. As the name suggests, the bed design resembles a sled drawn by reindeers. In order to give a modern touch and update this classic look, some sleigh bed frame designs no longer feature the curved head or the footboard. Sleigh beds come in a variety of styles, ranging from upholstered to solid wood designs and hence, they are suitable for bedrooms that feature classic and grand interior decorative elements like ceilings with elaborate ornate moulding.


Design: LemonFridge Studio

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A sleigh bed is not suitable for a compact sized bedroom since its scrolled headboard and/or footboard takes up unnecessary space.

#3. Platform bed for less visual clutter


Design: HYLA Architects

Platform beds are typically characterised by a lack of head and footboard, and the mattress sits on a low-lying profile, horizontal platform frame. Due to its simple and minimal design, it is commonly featured in Japanese “Zen” inspired or minimalist home interior designs.


Design:  Charlotte’s Carpentry

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The platform bed frame design is most suitable for space challenged bedrooms since its minimalist, sleek design takes up less space and the simple profile creates less visual clutter.

#4. Storage bed to boost the bedroom space


Design:  Free Space Intent

Storage beds are designed to conceal storage beneath the mattress. Most storage beds come with a hinged frame and are fitted with a hydraulic mechanism so that the entire mattress can be easily lifted to reveal the storage compartments. Storage beds are gaining popularity since they help to keep the bedroom neat and tidy. Furthermore, more homeowners decided to customise the storage bed frames to blend them with the overall interior design.


Design: Free Space Intent

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There are also storage beds that come with additional headboard storage, where storage is within easy reach, without having to lift the entire mattress.

#5. Murphy bed to free up space in a unique way


Design: D’ Initial Concept

Murphy beds are also known as wall, pull-down beds, or fold-up beds. It is specially designed to be hinged at one end so that it can be stored vertically against a wall and hidden in a closet or cabinet. The main advantage of using a Murphy bed is that it can be tucked away and free up space when it is not used.


Design: D’ Initial Concept

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Murphy beds are usually designed to be multi-functional. Hence, they are configured to pull dual or triple duty as storage shelves, or even converted into a sofa, after it has been folded up against the wall.


#6. Adjustable bed to cater to varying sleeping positions


Image: Tempur

For many years, adjustable beds have been synonymous with hospital beds and perceived as beds meant for the medically unfit. However, if you like reading or using devices or watching TV in bed, you can consider purchasing an adjustable bed, where it can convert into various levels of sitting positions.



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Adjustable beds provide certain health benefits, such as relieving chronic pain, as they are able to take the pressure off aching joints. In addition, adjustable beds can improve blood circulation once the upper back or lower body is lifted.

#7. Bunk bed for privacy between siblings


Design: The Orange Cube

Using a bunk bed is the most effective way to maximise the vertical space since it is made up of one-bed frame stacked on top of another. Bunk beds are popular alternatives to trundle beds,  where the bed frame hides one mattress underneath the other, which can be pulled out in a drawer style. To address the space constraints, some bunk beds are designed as an L-shaped bunk bed, sometimes known as a corner bunk.


Design: Mr Shopper Studio

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The bunk bed is suitable for siblings sharing a room, since it is able to maintain the privacy and individuality of the occupants.

#8. Loft bed to get the most out of a compact bedroom


Design: Charlton Design

A loft bed is a bed frame that is specially designed to be raised on supports that are built high enough, to free up the floor area beneath the bed for other purposes. The space can be used as a play area, a study nook, or a chill-out corner with a mini double seater sofa. The freed-up space can also be used to set aside ample space for a closet or bookshelf.


Design: Rezt & Relax Interior

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A corner loft bed is made up of two loft beds, arranged in an L-shape. It is suitable for children who are sharing a room, since the entire space can be fully utilised. Thus, the loft beds are suitable for bedrooms with high ceiling.

#9. Day bed for a space-conscious bedroom


Image from: Island living

Daybeds have dual functions, as they can double up as a sofa for lounging and reclining in the bedrooms. In fact, they are a “crossbred” between a Chaise Longue and a bed. Day beds are great options for small spaces like studio apartments, where there is a need for the bed to multifunction as the sofa during the day.


Image from: Island living

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Daybeds are typically marketed as a more stylish alternative since they usually spot a grand design and upholstered in a luxurious fabric, which is associated with lounging.

Design: 19EightyThree


4 bedframe tips for that perfect sleep


Design: Hock Hoon

a. Scale and balance matters
A general rule of thumb for furnishing your bedroom, is to have a place for everything. Hence, it is not practical to have a huge canopy bed frame that dominates the bedroom, while leaving little for other necessities, such as wardrobe and bedside table.


Design: Diva’s Interior Design

b. Pick the right height
The height of the bed frame matters, especially for the young, elderly or people with mobility issues. If a taller mattress is desired, then a lower bed frame profile will be needed to balance out comfortably. When necessary, you can also custom order the bed frame at the desired height.


Design: Urban Habitat Design

c. Choose the material and built wisely

In general, solid hardwood or metal is the preferred material for a sturdy bed frame. Check the hardware and joinery system that is used to hold and keep the bed frame construction together. Keep a lookout for signs of warp and sags, since these are indications of a weak or flimsy low-quality bed frame. In addition, a well-built bed frame should not creak and make noises when it is used.


Design: 19EightyThree

d. Protect the floor from the bed frame legs

Always protect the bedroom floor from the legs of the bed frame with glides or covers. Otherwise, the bed frame legs could snag your carpet or scratch the hardwood floor. The protective covers also prevent the bed frame from moving about.


Design: Control Space Design Studio


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